VSM 30ton Towing Tractor In Argentina

VSM 30ton towing tractor in Argentina

30ton diesel towing tractor delivered to Argentina and it will be put into service at the local airport. Thank you for choosing VSM products.

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VSM 20ton Towing Tractor Arrives In Hongkong

VSM 20ton Towing tractor arrives in Hongkong

VSM towing tractors are widely used in logistics and transportation places such as airports, factories, platforms. All our products use Japanese/U.S engines and transmission, European hydraulic systems, VSM tractor are well accepted by global customers because of the stable quality and reliable services.

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VSM Diesel Forklift For Nepalese Army

VSM Diesel Forklift For Nepalese Army

VSM 5ton diesel forklift customized for Nepal military is ready for delivering to Kathmandu after check and acceptance.

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VSM Passenger Stairs Delivery

VSM Passenger Stairs delivery

9 units Towable Passenger Stair(Model:WS-STK-1) delivered to Sochi airport, Russia.

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New Product– Electric Towing Tractor

New Product-- Electric Towing Tractor

With the development of the economy and requirements for energy saving and environmental protection, we have launched a new 20-30 tons lithium electric tractor.

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VSM Diesel Forklift Deliver To Middle East

VSM diesel forklift deliver to Middle east

15 units of VSM 3.0-3.5t diesel forklifts delivered to VSM agent in the Middle East.

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Batch Order Of VSM Forklift Deliver To Nigeria

Batch order of VSM forklift deliver to Nigeria

19 sets of VSM equipments (diesel forklifts, electric trucks, electric pallet stackers) were delivered to our Nigerian partner. Thank you for your trust and support.

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VSM Towing Tractor Provide Transport Support In Chile

VSM Towing tractor provide transport support in Chile

VSM in Chile. At this hard time, we are gratified to see that our equipment is running for the transportation of key medical supplies.

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VSM Towing Tractor Arrived In Maldives

VSM Towing tractor arrived in Maldives

Second shipment of VSM towing tractor arrived in Maldives, to provide transportation service in the airports on different islands. Thank our partner for choosing us, and your valuable suggestions on our products improvement to adapt to different climatic environment. we will continue providing high-quality products & service to our users. Thank you!

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Public Prevention Of Pneumonia Caused By COVID-19

Public Prevention of Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19

To everyone,
We know most of countries in the world are fighting against the virus this moment.

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