9 units Towable Passenger Stair(Model:WS-STK-1) delivered to Sochi airport, Russia.

VSM Passenger Stairs delivery (3)

WS‐STK‐1 passenger stair is applied to board the airplanes of B737‐200, B737‐300, B737‐500, B737‐800, A320, A321, DC‐8, TU‐154, etc. The equipment without vehicle chassis and engine is economical and durable. As the slow speed of manual operation, it is safer than the motorized passenger boarding stairs and it is non‐pollution and green. It is equipped with arm‐brace, braking device for front wheel to ensure that the boarding stair is stability and safety under high wind. Its height could be controlled from 2400mm‐3600mm to suit for different kinds of airplanes.


  • MH/T 6029‐2014 Passenger boarding stair
  • AC‐137‐CA‐2016‐02 Test standard for passenger boarding stair
  • IATA AHM 905 Reference material for ramp equipment of Civil Airport
  • IATA AHM 910 Basic requirement of airport ground service equipment
  • IATA AHM 913 Safety requirement of airport ground service equipment

*Size can be customized.*


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In Wuhan Airport & Beijing Airport (China)

VSM Passenger Stairs delivery (2)

VSM Passenger Stairs delivery (1)