To everyone,

We know most of countries in the world are fighting against the virus this moment.

The pneumonia caused by Novel Coronavirus is a newly-found virus from which the public should strengthen prevention. In order to help more people to understand and master the relevant knowledge of prevention, we find these guidance according to the Public Prevention Notes provided by the local commenweal organizations. Wish it could help more people in need.

A.Epidemic Prevention Tips for public


B.For Doctor & Nurse and other Professionals

If you are a medical staff or have these kind friends, family member around you, can visit the GMCC (Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19-GMCC), which jointly established by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation, together with the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University.

This platform was established to facilitate continued communication and collaboration across borders, as well as to provide the necessary computing capabilities and data intelligence to empower pivotal research efforts. The platform can provide frontline medical teams with the necessary communication channels to share practical experience and information about fighting the pandemic.

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 Fight Against The Novel CoronaVirus TOGETHER!