Dear all customers,

As you see, since the large-scale outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan city China, we have struggled with Coronavirus one month. Atmosphere remains optimistic at present after strong support of China Medical institutions & Gov.

The epidemic is mainly concentrated in Wuhan, which is under control. Our city has little impact thus our company has resumed, your inquiry about price and delivery time will be promptly responded to and processed.

To avoid any negative impact,we suggest that you may consider delaying your trip to China after April.

Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated. Meanwhile, we will reply your any questions in time and also are willing to provide assistance within our capacity if you got any problems of your business in china.

Wish everyone around the world are safe and fine.

(P.S.: Please note that the virus can not live if they do not have the host,either or in the air. So please rest assured that there will be no virus on any bulk you received.)